Always Make it Easy to Do Business With You

One of the biggest business advantages you will ever have over your competition is to always make it easier for your customers and clients to say YES than it is to say NO.

Principle Centered Marketing, Selling & Business practices is holistic and encompasses not just your marketing but also your selling and business practices and systems.

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses that I visit in person, on the phone or the internet, seem to have never looked at their business and practices from their customers perspective.

Every day, look at a different part of your business from your businesses practices to your signage and everything in between and ask yourself these questions:

How easy is it for someone to find your store or your website?
Once they arrive, how easy is it for them navigate and find what they want?

How diligently do you follow-up on inquiries, sales requests or orders?

How diligently do you keep your customers informed on the progress of their order with you?

How knowledgeable and friendly are all your employees?

Jay Abraham says we need to remember these 6 Things about our business:

1. You cannot serve too much.
2. You cannot educate too much.
3. You cannot inform too much.
4. You cannot offer to much follow-up and follow-thru.
5. You cannot make placing an order with you too easy.
6. You cannot make calling, visiting your website or coming in to your place of business too desirable.


There are two absolutely Essential Elements you need to have and tell the world about if you want to make it easy for your customers to say Yes!

One: You must have a UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) – see my article on that subject right here;    USP! What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

The more clearly you communicate what makes you the better choice (benefits, advantages, guarantee, etc) the more often people will choose you over your competition and see you as more valuable.

You can easily tell people why they should choose you in your marketing.

All your marketing should be built around explaining and reinforcing your new USP to your prospects.

Every business, every business owner and/or every product or service they sell is Unique.

You have a story to tell. Tell it to the world.

What makes you Unique is that distinct and appealing idea that sets you apart from all of your competitors.

Here’s a Key thought: Always realize that your clients and prospective clients are asking…WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

How does what you offer Benefit me? How does it solve a problem I have?

If you can’t articulate your USP in 60 seconds or less, neither can your clients and prospective clients.

Some of the things that make you Unique are because of:
The buyer you serve
What you sell
An unusual angle
What your product or service does not do
The time frame you offer
Your Risk Free Guarantee

And that brings us to the second Essential Element: you need to provide a Risk Free Guarantee

Look at every aspect of your business from the products or services you provide to your clients and even your employees and make a list of all the obstacles that could prevent any of them from purchasing from you, dealing with you or choosing you over your competition.

Here are the categories to pay attention to:

Financial reasons – What could it cost you if the relationship or transaction didn’t work out?

Emotional Reasons – What emotional withdrawals could occur if the relationship or transaction didn’t work out?

Measurable reasons – Can it be measured so your clients can see the actual impact on their personal, business or financial life?

I know a car dealer in Canada that dramatically increased his business by offering a two week, 100% money back guarantee on any new or used vehicle purchased.

Now, in the state of Wisconsin, offering that on a new vehicle is tough because the very minute the customer drives away from the car lot, that vehicle now must be sold as a used vehicle, BUT…put your thinking cap on.

Bottom Line: The biggest secret to success in your business is to always maintain an edge in everything you do.

And the best “edge” you can have is to make it easier for your customers to say YES than it is to say NO!


We help small business owners Work less and Make More money by helping you to:
1. Leverage your time
2. Increase your cash flow & profits
3. Attract and keep the Right clients, employees & products/services

How: By implementing the 80/20 Principles of Marketing, Selling & Business practices

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  • Automated Email marketing
  • FB marketing
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  • Video marketing
  • 1-on-1 “Do It For Me”   coaching, consulting, mentoring


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