Climate Change Predicted in Revelation:

Revelation 6 through 8 predicts the destruction of the earth’s ecology during the Tribulation.

The first four trumpets (Rev 8:1 – 9:21) announce the divine destruction of the earth’s ecology.

So, in a sense, these leftist climate change mongers are correct.  Earth’s ecology is going to be destroyed, which WILL facilitate the destruction of billions of lives; what they get wrong, is that there is nothing we can do about it.

Yes, as commanded by God in Genesis, man is to be responsible overseers of and protectors of the ecology, and there are actually some good ideas by these climate change mongers, but the full agenda they advocate is not Gods will, but rather likely Satan’s.

You can even see the anger, deceit, and hatred (all characteristics of the father of lies) these people espouse that borders on insanity.

It comes back to world 🌎 view again.

In the final analysis, there are really only two worldviews.

God’s, the Creator of the universe – which is called a Biblical Worldview (BWV) and all others, which we can call Satan’s.

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